What does the hire include?

Exclusive use of the bus for booking party, a qualified and experienced driver, fuel and power for the duration of your trip. All on board entertainments; PS4, iPad, TVs, Media Centre and Wi-fi are also included.

Can the booking party supply a driver?

No, a VIP Touring driver must accompany all trips. This ensures all health and safety and insurance requirements are satisfied.

Where can the bus go?

As long as there's roads suitable for a double decker bus, anywhere in the UK. VIP Touring do not provide overseas trips.

Does the bus have a toilet and shower facilities?

The bus has a toilet which is for fluids only.
There is no shower, however, it can be arranged for travelling parties to stop at services for showers, or where festivals are part of the trip, many will have showering facilities available.

Is there storage space?

The bus has a large double bay on the bottom floor, which is spacious enough for a band's backline or a sports group's equipment. A trailer can be hired if required, although the cost will be added to the package.

Where do I get a quote?